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Locations: UK - West Midlands, Essex, Surrey & Oxfordshire

Releasing The Power Of Product Data...

Businesses the world over are waking up to the value of quality data management. Quick Release_ are the leaders in automotive Product Data Management (PDM), working with many of the biggest global brands, F1 teams and exciting start-ups to improve the quality of their data and their approach to processing and reporting.

It is our mission to change the way that OEM projects manage their product data, improving efficiency and outcomes, and releasing engineers from the burden of complex product data management.

Quick Release_  for Experienced Professionals

We are inviting applications from experienced professionals with a track-record of delivering success in Product Data Management, Project Management and Consultancy. Whether you measure your career in months, years or decades, if you can demonstrate technical excellence, a growth mindset and outstanding customer service, then we currently have opportunities at all levels.

As with all our roles you can expect a competitive benefits package, continuous personal development, responsibility, recognition and appreciation for your successes and (most importantly) you’ll get the progression opportunities you deserve.

Quite Refreshingly Different...

Whatever your career goals, we want to help you to achieve them with Quick Release_. So, whether you want to work in different cities or countries, on different projects for different clients, or whether you're looking to get involved in different areas of business such as marketing, communications, corporate social responsibility, training, software development or recruitment, we will encourage and support you to make the most of every opportunity.

Job roles and responsibilities vary as much as the projects we work on, but running through them all are the values that have guided us to success. If you share our belief in Technical Excellence, Outstanding Customer Service, Staying Curious, Continuously Improving and Daring To Be Different, and you're ready for a new challenge, then we'd love to hear from you.

Please send submit your CV and covering letter via the online application form, or for more information, you can email alex.evans@quickrelease.co.uk or connect with us via LinkedIn.


Candidate Experience & Data Protection (GDPR)

Quick Release (Automotive) Ltd take your candidate experience very seriously, and we genuinely want you to have a positive experience whether you join the team or not. Looking after your personal information is part of this commitment. We promise that any information you submit as part of the recruitment process will never be shared with anyone else. We'll only ever contact you about recruitment issues and genuine opportunities with QR, and all your personal data will be deleted from our secure US server within 60 days of completing a recruitment cycle (or we'll contact you directly for permission to hang onto it a little longer)!

If you have any concerns about the use or storage of the information you submit, then please do get in contact with me and I'll happily answer any questions... alex.evans@quickrelease.co.uk

We also aim to keep all candidates informed of the status of their application throughout the process, although we are unfortunately human and we welcome the odd reminder.

There is a check-box in the application form which we need you to check in order to be able to use any of your data for any reason, so please remember to put a tick in the box, and we promise to keep your data safe and secure!